5 Ways Your Sales Skills Will Help You Succeed In The Dating World

Whether you are interviewing for a job or are an established CEO, the ability to sell is critical to every career and beyond. Not only does his work require making sales to a diverse range of customers, he also educates students and early-career professionals on how to use sales techniques to advance their own careers. For some people, selling seems to come naturally. Selling is all about communicating, and a large part of communicating is speaking in a way the other person can both understand and relate to. Whether you are selling a product to a customer or an idea to your manager, you don’t want to make the other person feel confused, overwhelmed or uninformed. Instead, phrase your pitch in language clear and concise enough that the other person could easily repeat it a few hours later. As the owner of Eaton Realty Advisors and a licensed broker, Julie Eaton has closed hundreds of sales in two states. She has found that speaking the other person’s language is essential for another reason: It positions you as someone they can trust and feel comfortable around. It makes you someone they can like. In any situation where you have to persuade another person, communicating what that person will get out of the exchange is key to selling.

The Upside to Dating a Salesman

It starts with the chase, followed by a series of casual dates, leading up to a committed relationship. You need to know if your customer is really into you before investing your time in them. Making the first move is always awkward whether you are cold-calling or walking up to someone in a bar.

‘s Salesperson Connect, which mirrors the way that dating apps like Tinder work in “matching” people and services together.

Now before you start imagining slick lines delivered from a used car salesman in a singles bar, hear me out — it is not like that at all. I talked a bit about this already in a blog post about the scarcity mentality , let me drill down even further into the connections with the sales process here. This counts in dating as well as in sales. If you believe that finding prospects and clients is near impossible, you will do whatever it takes — probably more than you should — to keep the prospects and clients you do have — whether it is good business for you or not.

Keeping these things in mind, applying my sales process to the dating process can help avoid this dilemma. It looks something like this:. Luckily, the internet fixes that. Like most places, there are plenty of dating web sites and dating services here, and specifying a preference for English speakers ensures that no-one enters the consideration set without the ability for basic communication. On an internet site, everyone who you might want to meet is there for more-or-less the same reason — to meet someone — so writing someone and expressing an interest in getting to know them better is pretty natural.

Enterprise Sales Is like Dating

Never date a salesman, because the first thing they learn is the Law of Averages. They know how to make you feel at ease; they set out baits to slowly fish information out of you to find your vices. Never date a salesman, because he knows your insecurities and will not hesitate to use them against you.

There are some amazing salespeople but most salespeople are average. Without a date to work too, we all get lost in the busy trap.

If you are dating someone who works in marketing and sales, then count yourself very lucky! But if you are swiping right on Tinder or hoping that one day somebody will introduce you to the perfect partner then you will be waiting for ages. Perhaps you should put down the phone and attend a workshop p. Let me share with you some points of my bold claim:. One great skill that great salespeople have is knowing how to let the client talk.

There is no other way that you can learn about your potential clients unless you let them do most of the talking. People love talking about themselves, that new award they won, their new pen and their stories so date someone in sales and they will listen. When they ask the right questions they can have a deep and meaningful conversation with their client. This is useful in having great conversations and an open honest dialect in a relationship.

Everybody says that relationships and marriage are hard work. I believe that sales is the toughest job. Salespeople are extremely hard workers and are willing to put in the time and effort to bring home the bacon. Sales guys are constantly waiting for potential clients to call them back, answer to their email or tell them that they are alive. This makes them very aware of the frustration associated with waiting around on someone.

Never Date A Salesman

The player is one of the worst dating types to avoid. They’re usually super busy either gettin’ busy with others behind your back OR taking glamorous bathroom mirror selfies. Players need to accumulate a portfolio of flattering selfies to send to their millions of girlfriends and boyfriends to keep them interested. Meanwhile, you really, really have to pee.

But too bad!

7 Reasons to marry a Salesperson! Why You Should Marry a Salesperson. If you are already dating someone who works in sales, then count yourself.

Amanda Leclair. December 10th, min read. When you boil them down, sales and dating are pretty much identical. Then, when working as a sales representative, you need to:. No, those weren’t typos. The processes are ideally the same. With these steps and a little practice, you can go from good to a great salesman in no time at all! By segmenting your prospects you can identify the information that will best engage and nurture each prospect.

Keep in mind, this information is gathered from the forms on your site so make sure they are collecting the right information for you to do your job.

Phase I: Setting Up Resource Manager

Think of your sales call as a minefield and of saying the things in the list below as tap dancing across that field. And what about what you just said? Was that all a lie? This is the best way to earn real, long-standing trust. Nice one. Be careful with this word.

Unless you’re a salesperson in an investment bank. in banking is good for your social life and will raise your dating capital, it really won’t.

Joanne Deck. Single people are always selling, too. They ask others to accept them for a dance, a date, a one-night stand, a weekend away, an exclusive relationship and maybe eventually marriage. You can do this by focusing on the other person and asking relevant questions. Make a point to listen, avoiding the tendency to talk too much. While he had no idea what my needs and interests were, he gave me a very clear sense of his. Is he giving a talk or hosting an event? Is her family a priority?

Here your appearance, reputation and competence all come into play.


Relationship building is a lot like dating. Who here has done online dating? I have, and your mindset and objective are critical in dictating the pace and speed of trust and connection. Without trust and connection, your relations will not have longevity. If your mindset is to build a friendship rather than find the right one, then you will find many friendships and within that the possibility of the right one.

6 Dating Principles That Will Make You a Better Salesperson. By Brittni Kinney Ratliff. sales_ Let’s play a game called “Date or Sales Call?” where I.

Are you dating a salesperson? The traits of the salesperson are quite unique. Back to this in a second. We have probably met doctors who are particularly concerned about our health, preachers who talks about the moral way of life, engineers who wants to approach the date systematically, business-owners who sometimes end up being more interested to talk about their business ventures, and of course, the salesperson.

The salesperson is an interesting breed, especially when you are dating one, or looking to date one. They are not terrible people, God bless their hearts! In fact every single one of us are weird in some ways. They are travelling billboards per se. They will need to do their rounds per se, to their existing clients, referrals, warm leads, cold leads, new markets, etc. It means this become a challenge in keeping in touch while the salesperson is travelling?

Dating = Used Car SalesMan